Here at Flick’s we seek to maintain a fantastic stock of every type of alcoholic beverage possible, from the huge selection of wines to our 14 door beer cooler. We are also proud to offer a wide range of spirits, everything from vodka to whisky to brandy to rum to tequila, and many more. We have aisles upon aisles of varieties, all arranged by type and available in a variety of price ranges. No matter what the charge, you can be sure the cost is fair at Flick’s. We stock the finest and most popular brands available, all your favorites like Absolut, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam and Captain Morgan. Essentially, if you’re looking for it, there’s a great chance we’ll have it. We also feature special items, like our limited edition Angel’s Envy Blended Bourbon. Our selection is so vast that you’re bound to find a great new product to try every single time you come in. So what are you waiting for?

If you cannot find the spirit you’re looking for at all, we’re happy to order it. Just tell us precisely what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it here in a timely manner.

*Make sure to check with us for availability, cost and sizes


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