Flick’s Club

Is This Club Worth It For You?

Beer 10% Wine %
Average Cost $10.99 Р12pk/6pk $10.00 Р1 bottle
Initial Savings $1.09 each $1.00 each
Annual Saving $56.68 $52.00
Annual Spending
w/o Membership
$571.48 $520.00

*All Numbers in graph are based on one unit purchases a week over a 52 week year

Flick’s Club Membership – $60

Membership Includes:

  • Photo I.D. is your club card
  • Buy One, Get One Free Tasting Tickets
  • Initial 10% off on all products in-store
    (Excluding tobacco, lottery, kegs, liquor and pre-made cocktails.
  • For the first $500 you spend in-store, you will earn an extra 1% on your membership discount and for every $100 spent in-store thereafter. Up to 15% off all products in-store, excluding tobacco, lottery, kegs, liquor, and pre-made cocktails.
    *** All Earned Discount Credits Will Remain Active Unless a Lapse of Membership Occurs. All Earned Discount Credits are registered to the Card Owner(s) and are non-transferable between accounts.
  • All Mix and Match case purchases of beer and wine, or Make Your Own 6-packs get an additional 5% discount that stacks with your total earned club membership discount up to a total of 20% off.
    **** Excludes Pre-Packed 24 and 30 Pack Cases of Beer, and Specially Marked Cases Of Wine.
  • $5 Flick’s Gift Certificate for any new Flicks Club Members that sign up at your referral.
  • Members only pricing on special events and In-store promotions
  • Registration in our Wish List Program
  • Emails about members only exclusive sales and rewards such as:
    • Instant Rebates on Liquor, wine, and beer
    • Penny over Cost Sales
    • Flicks Deal of The Day/Week/Month Sales on Wine and Beer
    • Invitational Beer, Wine, and Liquor Tastings
    • Rewards for total $ spent in-store
    • Rewards for frequent shoppers
    • And Much More!

Club Membership Application
Club Membership Agreement