Meet Melissa

Melissa Flick Store Manager

Melissa Flick Store Manager


Favorite Beer Styles- Lambics, Shandys, Hard Ciders, & Mild Belgian White Ales

Her palate for beer is geared toward the lighter styles of brews with sweeter characteristics and mild spicing, she is very acute to the presence of hops and other bitter qualities making her an excellent source for advice on  beers and ciders that do not have a hoppy or overwhelming flavor with a sweeter crisp finish.


Favorite Wine Styles-Sweet Red, Sweet White, Dessert Wines

When it comes to wine Melissa’s palate is similar to her tastes for beer, preferring  fruit forward characteristics with a sweeter flavor and aroma, and a balance between the sugar, acidity, tannins. This makes her a top notch reference for individuals seeking a distinct flavor out of their sweet wines or if you are looking to get into, or branch out from sweet wines.


Favorite Liquors/Liqueurs- Rums, Cream Liqueurs, Flavored Vodka, Cordials

With the spirits category Melissa’s palate is favorable toward fine white rums, flavored rum, cream liqueurs, flavored vodka, as well as cordials. She is a great reference when it comes to the aforementioned categories as well as being very responsive of the negative qualities in the unmentioned styles of liquor, making her recommendations when it comes to straight vodka, tequila, and the rest very appealing to a broad range of consumers.