What is Flicks

Flicks is a family owned and operated liquor, wine, beer, and fine spirits retail shop that has been nestled in the quaint township of Bedford Michigan just north of the city of Toledo Ohio since 1953. For over 60 years Flicks has held its place as one of the top independent retailers of fine and rare whiskies, rums, vodkas, tequilas, cognacs, brandies, schnapps, cordials, liqueurs, and other fine spirits in the state of Michigan as well as the greater Toledo area. Our staff has been trained in a wide range topics such as mixology, pairing food with wine, beer, or sprits; as well as cooking with liquors and liqueurs. Everyday our doors are open we here at Flicks we strive to set a new standard in customer service, whether you need an extra hand carrying out party supplies to your car, or if you have had a particularly long day at work or home and are in a hurry just give us a call at the store and we will be more than happy to gather your order up, chill everything properly, so all you have to do is show up and we will be there with a smile to walk your order out with you.

One of the biggest differences that you will notice right away with Flicks is how the staff is always there to help, if you are not sure what a product is for or tastes like one of our well trained sales associates will be there with a helpful suggestion for mixing or with personal description of what qualities  the product in question possesses. A key fundamental of trying new liquors, beers, or wines, is to remember that no individual producer sets out to intentionally make a bad product; however the tongue is every bit as unique to a person as much as their fingerprint is. We work with our staff from their first day on the job to help cultivate their unique palate so they know what flavors,  liquor styles, beer consistencies, or nuances in wine appeal the most for them, as well as how to translate what they taste into a description that the average consumer will be able to relate to.

To sum up Flick’s, we are so much more than what most people perceive as a modern liquor, beer, and wine retailer,  we are here to serve all walks of life  for virtually any occasion whether it is a celebration of your first day as a happy new couple,  you are celebrating 50 long and happy years together, or it is just a particularly interesting Wednesday and you want to throw a middle of the week party we are here with the vintage wine, ultra premium champagne, a plethora of liquors and other fine spirits, and a keg or two, to get you everything you need to start your special day off right.